Nails Inc

Nails Inc - Looking Peachy and Perky Lip and Nail DUO


Practice what you peach… this nail polish and rollerball lip gloss duo just got a whole lot juicer.

Shade Names:

REAL PEACHES ONLY is a smooth, creamy peach polish. Formulated in the revolutionary NailPure '11 free' formula with kale extract, working to boost the production of keratin for stronger, healthier nails.

DOUBLE THE JUICE is a clear rollerball lip gloss, enriched and scented with sweet peach, jam-packed full of super hydrating actives for nourished, plump lips.

A premium peach-infused nail polish enriched with vitamins to ensure nail health whilst looking super sweet. It can be applied easily to create an immaculate finish, using the patented, wide hugging brush exclusive to Nails.INC, ergonomically designed to work with the shape of the nail and minimize the number of strokes required. The rollerball is a classic clear gloss, peach scented and packed full of nourishing and hydrating actives, your lips will love you.

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