Join our exclusive customer Rewards Program and start earning Crowns today.
How it works:


Enter CC society today and instantly receive 200 Crowns! 
To join, head to the CULT CROWNS Rewards sign in at the bottom right of your window.
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The Fine Print

To earn the "Signup" 200 CROWNS, you must create an account on our website and start shopping (navigate to ACCOUNT in the Main Menu).
If you do not wish to create an account, you can still use the Rewards Program but you will not qualify for the 200 Signup Crowns.

Earn 1 Crown for every $1 you spend online at www.cultcosmetica.com.au
For every 500 Crowns earned, you will receive $25 to spend on our website.

CULT COSMETICA Crowns are subject to the following conditions:

Crowns can be redeemed only once they reach a total of 500.
You earn Crowns corresponding only to the final price of products (delivery value does not count towards Crowns).
During discount/other offers, the Crowns earned will be based on the discounted price of the products and not the original price.
Crowns are valid exclusively online at cultcosmetica.com.au and cannot be earned or redeemed in person.