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Nails inc Overnight Detox Mask with green tea, acai and spirulina


Give nails some serious TLC with the Nails inc Overnight Detox Mask - a revolutionary repair and regenerative treatment, developed as an intensive overnight mask to treat nails which are damaged or prone to weakening. 


The water-based formulation has the facility to hold high levels of detoxifying ingredients that penetrate into your nail bed. A combination of powerful antioxidant actives include Green Tea, Acai Berry and Spirulina, which has a high chlorophyll content, stimulating healthy nail growth - perfect for recuperation between gel manicures. Simply apply the mask with the handy does foot applicator and massage into the nail bed for maximum activation and stimulation. The mask washes off in the morning with water, leaving you with hydrated, healthy nails. Lightly fragranced with a fresh, green tea scent.



Massage into a clean, dry nail bed for maximum activation and stimulation. Infuse overight and rinse clean in the morning. For an intense treatment, use every day for 2 weeks. To maintain gorgeously healthy nails use once or twice a week.  

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