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Nails Inc Sweet Almond Powered by Matcha - Cornwall Gardens


New nude nail shades powered by Matcha.

This new range of Sweet Almond nail polishes provides a fresh take on the classic nude palette. Choose from muted yet rich shades in porcelain grey, linen blue grey, warmed pink and a luxurious, subtle rose gold. Each shade is formulated with a sweet almond oil base and enriched with Matcha powder - a powerful and potent antioxidant. The result is an intense moisture booster for optimum nail health and protection.



Mayfair Market - Rose Gold

Gloucester Crescent - Blue Grey

King William Walk - Nude Pink

Cornwall Gardens - Porcelain Grey



1. Apply one coat of Superfood NailKale base coat to clean, dry nails

2. Apply 2 coats of your chosen nail polish

3. Finish with one coat of 45 Second Top Coat with Kensington Caviar

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