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A thorough and holistic Skin Health Evaluation to assess your individual skin concerns. We will create a personalised treatment plan and recommend a home care regime to allow for optimum skin health. Using our SkinScope LED, we are able to see beneath the skin’s epidermis and we will use this diagnostic imagery to ensure a comprehensive skin evaluation is performed.

Suitable for: All Skin Types Cost: $50.00 booking fee
Downtime: NIL Longevity: N/A
 Time: 30 minutes Pregnancy safe: Yes

Treatment protocol includes 5 WiQo Treatments and home care products.

A 3-step, non-invasive anti-ageing and brightening treatment designed to stimulate the skin's natural restorative processes for brighter and firmer-looking skin. Treatment is applied topically in-clinic with a specific massage technique that delivers instant smooth and tightened effects to the skin. After a full course of 5 WiQo Treatments, you will notice skin is brighter, smoother and tighter.  WiQo is a pain-free and no downtime treatment ideal for those suffering photodamaged skin, loss of facial contour definition and lacklustre skin.

At CULT COSMETICA, we include a complimentary Healite with every session of WiQo treatment, this will help stimulate the natural healing process and cell turnover to prevent possible downtime post-treatment. Prior to starting the WiQo course you will be assessed to make sure this treatment is the correct treatment for you. When purchasing a course of WiQo Treatments you will be provided an aftercare program that we suggest you follow to receive the best results possible from these treatments.

Suitable for: All Skin Types Cost: $1500 for course of 5 treatments (see our Specials for further payment options)
Downtime: NIL Longevity: N/A


HEALITE II LED 415nm & 590nm/830nm 

Purchase five Healite II™ treatments and receive one complimentary.

Low Level Light therapy (LLLT) with Healite II is the therapeutic use of light emitting diode (LED) light to enhance your body's natural cellular recovery, improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne, promoting skin rejuvenation and more.  This pain free and non-invasive treatment delivers concentrated energy deep into your tissue affecting your body at a cellular level.

Healite II is a revolutionary LED light-based technology comprising of 1800 LED diodes that penetrate a warm, glowing light, deep into the skins tissues. Healite II has exceptional, proven results for many skin conditions and is now widely used across the world within the cosmetic surgery, aesthetic and other health related industries. At CULT COSMETICA, we believe in offering our clients the very best in terms of skin health, treatments and technology that deliver results.

*Healite II can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ treatment or as an additional treatment to our other skin health treatments. Please feel free to ask our Dermal Therapist for more information.

Treatment indications for Healite II include:


  •       Wound Healing
  •       Pain Relief
  •       Muscle and Joint Pain
  •       Arthritis
  •       Muscle Spasm
  •       Temporary Increase of Blood Circulation


  •       Hair Regrowth
  •       Active Acne
  •       Skin Rejuvenation


  • Active Acne (Endogenous PDT)
Suitable for: All Skin Types, 

Cost: $80.00

Downtime: NIL Longevity: Regular treatments recommended as a maintenance programme.
 Time: 30 minutes Pregnancy safe: Yes



Purchase five and receive one complimentary.

Skin Needling is an advanced method used to remodel your skin by stimulating the formation of healthy collagen. Visibly reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne scarring to promote a healthy and more youthful complexion. A concentrated ampoule of active ingredients is infused into the skin using the M-Pen Pro. The Mesotherapy ampoule is customised to target your individual skin concerns creating a personalised and advanced treatment. To enhance the rejuvenation process, a Healite II LED is performed prior to Skin Needling and a Bio-Cellulose Mask is applied post treatment to cool and soothe the skin. Skin Needling is recommended as a course of treatment to allow for best results

Add On 

Neck $50

Neck & Decolletage (On its Own)  $250

Decolletage (On its Own)  $200

*Mesotherapy is a complimentary add-on with all our needling treatments, to ensure targeted results to each individual client.

Suitable for: All skins, pigmentation, acne scarring, scarring and ageing  Cost: $350.00
Downtime: 1-5 Days  Longevity: 12 months.  Maintenance programme recommended after 12 month period.
 Time: 90 mins Pregnancy safe: Yes

Acnelan is an innovative method for the topical treatment of acne-prone and seborrhoeic skins. It can be used in mild to severe acne and is effective in reducing active acne lesions, preventing the formation of new acne lesions, and maintaining a healthy balance to the skin. It is a deep peel treatment with a cocktail combination of active acne fighting ingredients. The home care maintenance regime also targets the triggers and prevents recurrence after the peel is complete.

Suitable for: Mild to severe acne, congested skin, breakouts Cost: From $990.00
Downtime: 3 - 7 days Longevity: 6 months (after initial recommended course of 3 treatments)
 Time: 30 mins Pregnancy safe: No



Mesoeclat is our number one anti ageing and results driven treatment at CULT COSMETICA.

Mesoeclat treatment produces an instant rejuvenating effect in just the first session.  However, for an intensive treatment and for maximum results here at CULT COSMETICA we highly recommend that you commit yourself to our treatment plan of 5 fortnightly treatments, also accompanied by an aftercare. Mesoeclat is a five step treatment:

Step 1: Superficial Exfoliation - Preparation of the skin. Cleansing and toning the skin of the neckline, neck and face.

Step 2: LED Healite II - LED diodes that penetrate a warm, glowing light, deep into the skins tissues to help stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Step 3: Mesoeclat Ampoules - Infusion of Mesoeclat ampoules packed with Organic SIlicon, L carnatine and Alpha-Lipioic all working to increase your skins elasticity, firmness, hydration.

Step 4:  Regenerate and Repair - Ulitimate Recovery Bio-Cellular Mask to restore and replenish moisture.

Step 5: Maintenance Cream - An at home treatment cream with high content of active principles with depigmenting, antioxidants and moisturisers properties.

Formulated with Kojic acid, hydrolyzed milk protein, trigp and soy, and tripeptide-1.  The ingredients protect the cell barrier and help prevent pigmentation and anti-ageing factors such as premature ageing, environmental aggressions, stressed and tired skin.

Suitable for: Dull, first signs of ageing, ageing, deep lines and wrinkles and  Age prevention.

Cost: $290.00 single treatment | $1,450 course of 5 treatments.

Downtime: Nil  Longevity: 12 months.  Maintenance programme recommended after 12 month period.
 Time: 45mins Pregnancy safe: No



We offer a diverse range of specialised Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) LACTIC, MANDALIC and SALICYLIC  solutions to deeply exfoliate and resurface your skin, promoting a refined and healthy complexion. Specifically, effective in the treatment of pigmentation, fine lines, acne, scarring and uneven skin texture. To allow for optimum results a customised peel programme will be professionally designed and tailored to address your individual skin concerns.

Suitable for: All skin types, dull, ageing, pigmentation and acne.

Cost: From $130.00

Downtime: Depending on peel type 1-5 days. Longevity: Maintenance programme recommended.
 Time: 45 mins  Pregnancy safe: No (retinol or salacylic acid are not suitable for pregnancy).



A non-invasive exfoliating treatment which incorporates a special type of blade that gently and thoroughly removes dead skin cells and villus facial hair. 

This treatment includes an Enzyme peel and bio-cellular mask. 

This can be performed on its own or in combination with a advanced peel or a Healite II LED.

Suitable for: All skin types

Cost: $149.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 3-4 weeks
 Time: 45 mins  Pregnancy safe: Yes



 Renew your skin with a Glycolic Acid exfoliation, followed with an LED Healite II treatment to generate healthy skin cells and finishing with a specialised Glycolic Lotion and Glow Body Oil to provide complete hydration.

Suitable for: All Skins 

Cost: $90.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 4 weeks
 Time: 45 mins  Pregnancy safe: Yes



This treatment is specifically designed for teenage skin.

A powerful fruit acid peel is applied to remove excess oil, extractions are then performed to remove stubborn congestion and a clay mask is applied to sooth and clarify the complexion.

Suitable for: Adolescents

Cost: $130.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 60 mins  Pregnancy safe: Yes



A deeply nourishing treatment to restore glow and vitality to dull, dehydrated and compromised skin. Brightening enzymes are used to remove superficial dryness whilst nourishing actives are infused into the skin to replenish essential vitamins.  Providing your skin with complete comfort and deep hydration for the ultimate glow. Finishing with a complimentary Probiotic Skin Elixir to ensure you are glowing from the inside out.

Suitable for: All, ageing, uneven, dull.

Cost: $199.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 4 weeks
 Time: 60 mins Pregnancy safe: Yes



This invigorating treatment will work to exfoliate, detoxify and purify your skin.

Deep cleansing and pore refining actives are used to target impurity and congestion. Re-balancing products are used throughout this treatment to smooth, calm and generate a clearer complexion. Finishing with a complimentary Probiotic Skin Elixir to ensure you are glowing from the inside out.

Suitable for: Oily, congested, acne.

Cost: $199.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 60 mins  Pregnancy safe: Yes



This luxurious and illuminating treatment will breathe new radiance and luminosity into your skin. Exfoliating enzymes and brightening actives will work to revitalise dull and lacklustre skin, creating a visibly radiant and youthful complexion. Finishing with a complimentary Probiotic Skin Elixir to ensure you are glowing from the inside out.

Suitable for: All 

Cost: $199.00

Downtime: Nil  Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 60 mins Pregnancy safe: Yes 



This Age Defying treatment to lift and tighten the complexion. Infusing the skin with precious platinum and antioxidants, it works deep within the skin to fortify and give instant plumpness and long term age-defying benefits. Finishing with a complimentary Probiotic Skin Elixir to ensure you are glowing from the inside out.

Suitable for: Ageing

Cost: $199.00

Downtime: Nil Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 60 mins  Pregnancy safe: Yes 



Our rejuvenating gentleman's treatment is designed to address the specific needs of a man's skin.

A custom blend of active ingredients will work hard to exfoliate, re-balance and hydrate your skin. This treatment will promote an ultra-fresh, hydrated and healthy complexion.

Suitable for: Men

Cost: $199.00

Downtime: Nil  Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 60 mins  Pregnancy safe: N/A



Zen Berry Peel

Purifying Pineapple Peel

Plumping Pumpkin Peel

My Juice Blend

Suitable for: All, dull, congested, pigmentation, ageing.

Cost: Between $130.00 - $170.00

Downtime: Nil  Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 45 mins Pregnancy safe: No (retinol or salicylic acid are not suitable for pregnancy).


Treatment includes:

1) Cleanse + Exfoliate: Skin is cleansed and exfoliated to remove makeup and dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin.

2) Light Acid Peel: Improve skin texture and tone with a light acid peel.

3) Extract + Hydrate: A gentle extraction removes debris from pores with a painless suction to reveal unclogged and tightened pores. Skin is then nourished with intense moisturisers that quench the skin and boost hydration.

4) Lymphatic Therapy: Removes toxic buildup to reveal healthy looking skin, decreases inflammation and optimises skin health.

 5) Healite II LED: Boost skin repair and rejuvenation with this warm and therapeutic light treatment.

6) Infuse + Protect: Skin is infused with antioxidants and peptides to maximise glow. 

7) Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask: Skin left nourished, refreshed and soothed.


Suitable for: All, dull, congested, pigmentation, ageing.

Cost: From $199

Downtime: Nil  Longevity: 4 weeks 
 Time: 50 mins Pregnancy safe: Yes (treatments are customisable and therefore pregnancy safe)