Salt Lab

Salt Lab Magnesium Bath Salts

Salt Lab have produced the first Magnesium Bath Salts of this kind, We are jam packed with detoxifying bentonite clay, the bodies essential mineral - Magnesium Chloride, Dead Sea Salts known for their mineral-rich content, a sprinkle of Bicarbonate Soda to Alkalize your skin and Sandalwood Essential Oil to promote relaxation and induce a calm & mediative state.

Salt Lab’s Bath Salt blend, or as we like to call it our ‘Deconstructed Bath Bomb’, is also another form of Transdermal Magnesium. Designed to deliver Magnesium through the skin for fast absorption into the cells.

Salt Lab’s Magnesium Bath Flakes are in a 275gr re-sealable bag giving you either;
1 x Indulgent Bath
2 x Conservative Baths
4 x ‘I don’t have a bath’ Foot soaks

All as blissful as each other some just more convenient than others. Simply dissolve your desired amount of Magnesium Baths flakes into a warm bath tub or footbath and soak for 20 mins or more.

As our Magnesium Bath Salts have the detoxifying element of Bentonite Clay, we highly recommend ensuring you stay well hydrated while you bathe.

Salt Lab’s Magnesium Bath Salts are highly effective when used as a ‘detox program’ – This program assists your body to remove heavy metal contamination, replenish magnesium levels reducing inflammation and muscle aches and pains.

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