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Poni Waterproof Mane Stain Brow Creme


Mane Stain is a soft brow crème that will give your brows a natural tint of colour, giving them a fuller appearance in seconds.

Water-proof, gym-proof, beach-proof and life-proof it's super easy and quick to apply and available in 4 beautiful colours.

Mane Stain is sure to become an every day essential if you want natural looking brows that will last and last. Build the colour intensity by re-applying over the same area after the first layer has set. Covers skin and scars too!

So, if you like pinã coladas, and getting caught in the rain - think Mane Stain! 

You might also like to try the Pro Brow Brush for precise Mane Stain application and Brow POP! to sculpt and highlight.

Available in 4 amazing colours:

  • LITTLE PALOMINO- Warm blonde to light brown
  • PALOMINO- Cool blonde to light brown
  • CHESTNUT- Medium brown to reddish hair
  • THOROUGHBRED- Dark brown to black hair

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