Active Ingredient Spotlight: Hyaluronic Acid

At CULT COSMETICA, we are dedicated to not only providing you with the best quality natural and cosmeceutical products but also in the mission to educate you on their application, use and benefits. And what better ingredient to kick off this series, than the natural and extremely beneficial hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, is a naturally occurring sugar molecule in our bodies and is found in our skin, hair, joints and eyes. This natural acid is considered a moisturiser and while we're born with an abundance of HA, as we age we lose the ability to produce in quantities our skin requires to stay adequately hydrated.

All skin types will benefit from the regular use and application of hyaluronic acid, but it is particularly beneficial for the dry/dehydrated and oily/combination skin groups. In dry/dehydrated skin, hyaluronic acid helps to build the reservoir of continuous moisture. While in oily/combination skin, HA helps to balance the natural moisture helping to alleviate excessive oil production.

We have an incredible range of products and brands that include this miracle ingredient.


Cloud Ceramide Foam Cleanser:

This light and nutrient-dense cleanser replenishes and soothes skin whilst adding enriching hydration. Packed with Organic Arnica, Gotu Kola, Ceramides and of course, HA, this cleanser revitalises skin, leaving it calm smooth and cloud-soft.

Vita Active Serum:
Nourish your skin with clinically proven super plant ingredients and full spectrum antioxidants. This serum increases collagen production, reduces spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. In addition to hyaluronic acid, the Vita Active Serum contains Vitamin C, B3 and the anti-aging and brightening antioxidant, glutathione.
Vita Rich Crème:
Naturally awaken skin and brighten and smooth away lines with this luxurious crème. Rich in over 150 phytonutrients, vitamins and Rare Grass Extracts that increase intercellular osmosis, skin is left looking brighter and plumper.
Cloud Comfort Cream:
If you have dry and environmentally aggravated skin, then look no further. The Cloud Comfort Cream nourishes and protects stressed and dry skin with its ultra calming bioavailable nutrients. With key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C rich Cloudberry, nourishing chia seed and free from parabens, you know your skin is getting a serious dose of TLC.
Night Essence:
Restore, renew and rest your skin while you sleep. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? The Night Essence contains multi-size hyaluronic which deeply penetrates into the skin to provide more hydration and enables skin to repair itself by increasing its own self defence. Combined with Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol alternative that is loaded with antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-aging properties, shown to increase collagen production and cell turnover. A night routine must!


Hydr8 B5:
This moisturising serum contains multi-weight hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to hydrate skin from the deeper levels right up to the surface. It also visibly plumps and softens fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin supple, restored and nourished.
Hydr8 B5 Intense:
The Hydr8 B5 Intense helps to kickstart the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin, blocks its breakdown and works in conjunction with hyaluronic acid to deliver immediate and long-term hydration for all day moisture.
Daily Radiance Vitamin C:
Energise your skin morning with this hydrating vitamin C cream.
Melting into your skin upon application, the Daily Radiance Vitamin C delivers powerful antioxidant protection alongside a non-greasy broad spectrum SPF 30. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to draw moisture into the skin and keep it locked in tight. The result is a brighter and more even complexion.

Liquid Peptides:
This ultra-hydrating formula helps fight expression wrinkles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and refine skin texture. A 30% peptide cocktail containing hyaluronic acid and prebiotic.


Hydrating & Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask:
This mask will leave your skin looking dewy, plumped and replenished, while the anti-ageing peptides protect your skin against signs of ageing. Enjoy instant hydration with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.


Super Drink:
Containing 6 potent actives that are clinically proven to deeply rehydrated the skin by increasing its ability to hold onto water longer for longer periods of time. Featuring, you guessed it, hyaluronic acid! This Super Drink Serum is ideal for skin that is dehydrated, dry, thinning or has fine lines.


ha denismatrix:
A concentrated treatment with hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with a moisturising, anti-aging, re-pulping and filling action. This incredible serum also promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to provide firmness and elasticity to tissues and correct wrinkles.