My Immune Boosting Routine with The Beauty Chef

I've had a lot of requests to tell you what I’m doing to protect my and my family's immune system at this difficult and stressful time. These products have become such a daily ritual for me and really, I never think they have been more important than now. I’ve been doing this daily for close to two years now and I can't wait to tell you about the results I have seen.

Glow Powder

Glow Powder The Beauty Chef Perth Cult Cosmetica


Every morning at around 10:30 am I take my glow powder. You dissolve 1tsp of the powder in 200mls of water and it's got a really pleasant berry taste. Every morning I look forward to taking my glow and I have seen such a difference in the time taking it. 

Contains & Promotes:

This formula contains broad-spectrum prebiotics and probiotics, essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals like zinc. It helps your immune system to function and protects your body from the effects of stress hormones and the high level of zinc promotes well-being, skin health and a healthy gut. 


Currently, we have a few special 250g Glow Powders available for a limited time, so if you're an avid user of Glow, the 250g size is a really great way to go. If you're new to Glow and want to try it out, we also have a pack containing 5 x single serves.

Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost

Antioxidant Inner Beauty Boost The Beauty Chef Perth

Another thing I’ve been doing differently is to add in the Antioxidant Boost to my routine. Usually, I would add this in a few months later, just before wintertime but given all that is going on at the moment, I have started it earlier this year.


Add 15mls of any Boost into your 100mls of water. I add this in with my Glow in the mornings.

Contains & Promotes:

This is a probiotic formula that is good for the gut and includes ingredients like pomegranate, green tea and vitamin E to help you build up your immune system. If you’re feeling run down, you’ve been on antibiotics or you want to keep a strong defence system, Antioxidant is such a good way to go. This will boost the effects of your low powder while giving you better immunity defence systems in times like this when we most need it. This has really helped me in previous winters.

Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

Collagen The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Boost Cult Cosmetica Perth


I take my collagen in the afternoon but it can also be taken with your Glow powder. This is another boost where I drink 15mls of the collagen in with 200mls of water. I really think of this as my afternoon treat and it has a lovely taste. 

Contains & Promotes:

This boost contains ingredients that promote natural collagen production in your body like berries, acai, papaya. It also contains antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and grape seed, zinc and vitamin C to enhance skin and gut health. I've been using the collagen for 2 years and have seen a real difference in the thickness of my hair, my skin elasticity and healthy strong nails and I believe a lot of this has to do with the collagen and the glow powder. 


Well Spray

Well Spray The Beauty Chef Cult Costmetica Perth

My newest favourite product from The Beauty Chef is the Well Spray. My whole family took it throughout winter last year and it really helped out immune systems. It's also amazing for travel and when flying. 


Spray under the tongue as needed. My whole family would have this in the car on our way to school. It's got a pleasant peppermint taste. Adults can take up to 12 sprays per day. It doesn't need to be refrigerated so is a great companion for the car or your handbag.  

Contains & Promotes:

This product for me was a real game-changer last winter and it's described as your ultimate wellness companion. It contains olive leaf extracts, sage, peppermint and clove bugs which all create a natural antibacterial defence in your mouth and throat before any bacteria can enter your system. If you ever feel a sore throat coming on this is great to keep it at bay and disinfect. 

Well Spray was created by The Beauty Chef founder when she was feeling run down from lots of flying. She developed this product to combat the nasties you can come into contact with in the winter and when travelling. This helps to fight any bacteria in the mouth or the throat before it enters your system and builds your immunity. 


If you purchase $130 or over of The Beauty Chef, you will receive a complimentary Well Spray. This is a limited time offer and is only available until we run out of product, which isn't far away. Add The Beauty Chef product of your choice to cart plus the Well Spray to redeem the offer. 


I want to help you all in building up your immune systems at this time. Take your vitamins and create a healthy barrier that can fight whatever is coming your way, especially with winter coming soon and everything that has been going on at the moment. 

I hope this enlightens you on what you can be doing to help you immunity and your gut. You will be amazed at what it does for you, your skin, your digestion and your energy levels. 

Any questions please send them through to me here or on our Facebook or Instagram. 

Have a lovely week, stay inside and be safe. 

VP xx