Apsley and Company

Apsley and Co. Candle Accessory Set


A curated set of three essential accessories for ultimate candle care, so you can revere your signature home fragrance for longer. The Wick Trimmer, Wick Dipper and Candle Snuffer are carefully crafted from stainless steel and finished in luxurious matte black for simultaneous style and utility. Reach for the wick trimmer to keep wicks trimmed neatly for a cleaner and safer candle burn, followed by our wick dipper to gently reposition the wick upright. Lastly, the snuffing cap is fail-safe for extinguishing your candles with ease and safety.


  • Wick Trimmer – Keeping wicks at an optimum length maximises fragrance release, ensures a cleaner burn and improves candle longevity. When the candle is at room temperature, trim wicks to 5mm for every four hours of burn time.
  • Candle Snuffer – designed with a rotating head to enable a candle to be extinguished with maximum ease. Especially useful for hard-to-reach wicks, tall candles, candle groups and tapered candles, this essential tool will reduce the risk of any wax splatter by blowing.
  • Wick Dipper – the perfect accessory for any fragrance lover. Use to straighten and reposition your wicks, or to carefully extinguish your candle, You can evade the smoke smell released when blowing out a flame, preventing the beautiful lingering fragrance from being lost. It also coats the wick with wax to promote relighting with ease, adding a protective wax coating to the wick. You can then effortlessly repositioning the wick in time for the next delicious burn.

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